Pottery Making DVDs

Pottery Making DVD

"A Down to Earth Look at How We Make Pottery". A full ninety minutes of information for $19.95! (includes Shipping and Handling!) This informative ninety minute DVD video takes the viewer behind the wheel for a test drive at throwing pottery . Cindy Clarke demonstrates the techniques involved in making pottery beginning with wedging clay, what tools are required, and then on to centering and opening, throwing and finally trimming a cylinder, a vase, a bowl and a plate. Multiple camera angles and cutaways make every step easily understandable. Buy Now!



The Perfect ProfileThrowing Rib


10 MINUTE VIDEO - See the Perfect Profile Rib in use as Cindy throws a 22 inch diameter plate

10 MINUTE VIDEO - See the Perfect Profile Rib in use as Cindy throws an 18 inch diameter bowl.

The Perfect Profile rib was designed by Cindy Clarke for added control when throwing and shaping bowls and plates on the wheel. Get the perfect profile everytime. For potters at all skill levels. We are currently working with a local furniture maker to use his left over wood to create a new edition of the rib. Ribs are individually crafted from various hardwoods. Ribs are priced at $45 each (plus $15 S&H).

Perfect Profile Walnut Rib

The perfect Profile Rib is currently available in various hardwoods for $45.00. $15.00 shipping and handling will be added to your purchase.

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